Heirloom Recipes

This set of recipe cards are my favorite baking recipes that I have gathered and tweaked since I began cooking 10 years ago. Many of these recipes have been passed down to me from my paternal grandma, my maternal great grandma and other family friends. Some of them were created to specific events and others simply reflect family taste and preferences. What makes each of these recipes special are that they are all endowed with memories and many now serve as links to people and times I will never experience again. I created these cards with the idea of an heirloom in mind. I hope that you use these cards yourself or pass them onto people you love, as a physical representation of the memories these recipes are privy to. The front of each card is a pattern that is tied to the color, shape, and/or environment these recipes exist in memory. Each pattern was inspired by the wallpapers, furniture, and textiles in my grandmother’s home, the center of many of these recipes and a time capsule in more ways than one. I hope that this collection serves as a link between the past and the future through food and family.


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